Exit Help

Week returns you to the week menu to choose another week’s activities.

Day brings up the activity menu to choose another day or activity. Remember, the once-per-week Correct the Sentence and Writing Prompts are in this menu!

Exit quits this application.

Use the pencils and eraser on either the passage or question area.

  Passage hides the question and shows the passage full-screen. You can zoom in or out with the zoom tool in the top right.

 Question extends the question to 50% width, shrinking the passage to fit.

 Reset returns to default layout.

Toggle Fullscreen

Printables for this week only. Print just the passage, student sheet, or answer key for the current week.

Help shows this tutorial, starting from the current week.

Settings include which question type to start on and a tracking reset.

Click and drag the highlight bar to easily read the passage line-by-line.

Display draggable posters for use during various activities in the program. Editing posters are used for Writing and the smart choices poster can be used for additional activities included in your printable packet.

Clear any drawing from the main passage.
Clear any drawing from the question area.

The first question for the day is open-ended by default, but you can use the settings menu to change which question type loads first. Click "multiple choice" to show a multiple choice question that goes with the reading passage.

Students use their printed answer sheet to fill in the correct answer for each day of the week. Click a question type ("Open Ended," "Multiple Choice," or "Writing") at the bottom of the page to show that question here.

To show the correct answer, press the "show answer" button.

This is the main passage. You can write on it with the pencils below, highlight using the highlighter tool, or follow along with the highlighter bar. The printables packet includes a small copy of each passage for your students to reference from their desks.

Target Reading

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