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Digital Products Overview

How often do I need to renew my digital products?

Each license is good for one calendar year. We do not offer nor prorate shorter terms, but we can change the start date! If you buy it in June, for instance, but would like the license to be active from September until the following September, just let us know when you’re ordering.

Will my licenses automatically renew?

Unfortunately, no. We do not store purchase information in a way that allows automatic billing, so we’ll need a new purchase, either via online order or a new purchase order, each year. Every product in your digital dashboard displays its expiration date right in the dashboard. 30 days before the expiration, this date highlights. The system will also send you emails letting you know it’s almost time to renew. Once it’s time, just let us know so we can process your new order and avoid any interruptions in service.

Can I share a license?

No. Each license is for one person’s use only, and use in any other manner violates the License Agreement and copyright of the product. You may not reproduce, alter, or distribute our products in any manner, per the agreed-upon terms, whether it’s for personal backup or for sharing. This includes, but is not limited to, sharing licenses and attempting to print the portions of the product not designated as printables. For more specific terms, please read the License Agreement that is included with every product, printed or digital. If you do not agree to these terms, please see our return policy.

The only exception to this are the student reproducibles included in certain products. These worksheets and other items may be reproduced FOR YOUR STUDENTS’ USE. You are free, and encouraged, to copy a set of think sheets for your students, but you are not allowed to distribute them in any other manner nor to archive them.

Can I use digital products on more than 1 computer?

You can use your products from any computer, but you may not be logged in to more than one computer at one time. If you teach in more than one classroom, for instance, you will need to log out of your session entirely in the first classroom before logging in in the second room. Similarly, you cannot have the program up on a laptop connected to a smartboard while also viewing it on your Chromebook or other dual-device setup.

How are digital products delivered?

If you purchase as an individual you will receive an automated email immediately upon finishing your transaction. This email will have log in credentials for your new Lone Star Learning Digital Dashboard. All of your licenses are stored through this portal. There’s no download or installation required, just a persistent internet connection. All of your products, whether you have one or a dozen, are accessible through a single login on the web site from any computer you choose to use, so if you teach in multiple rooms or would like to preview content at home, you’re free to do that!

If your school ordered your license for you, the login process is the same, but instead of an automated email you’ll need to have your campus Administrator assign your license to you before your dashboard will show the products.

Administrator? What’s that?

We don’t directly handle license distribution for school orders. As part of the order process, we ask that each campus appoint an Administrator, or Admin, to be in charge of day-to-day management. This can be a secretary, principal, math coach, teacher—anyone at all! The Admininstrator’s job is quick and easy. Once the order is fulfilled, the Administrator receives an email with initial log in credentials for their account along with instructions to help them load in teacher accounts and assign those teachers their licenses. This gives the freedom to reallocate licenses if needs change without having to call in.

If you know your school purchased products for you, but you haven’t received them yet, they’re probably in the Administrator’s account and have not yet been assigned to you. Check with them to see! If the Administrator doesn’t have them either, or you aren’t sure who your Admin is, contact us and we’ll look it up.

I purchased individually, though. Will I still have an Administrator?

If you buy your license yourself, you’ll be your own Administrator. You can manage your dashboard by assigning and unassigning yourself licenses by simply dragging and dropping them. Unassigning doesn’t make them “inactive” or stop their use as far as the one-year term goes, but it does remove them from the dashboard if you prefer to only have one or two items showing at a time.

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Troubleshooting—Login Issues

I can’t log in. How do I reset my password?

The fastest way to do this is to use the form found on the digital dashboard log in page. This process is automated, so it can happen even outside our business hours. The automated email should send within seconds or minutes, so if you don’t see it be sure to check SPAM to make sure it didn’t get misflagged.

If that doesn’t work, contact us and we can reset your password and send you the details to log in.

Why did I not get an email with my new password?

Some schools’ email security systems will block the automated emails we send with the new system. To make sure that future emails are sent to you, please add to your contact list and make sure that our address is whitelisted in your school’s security system.

I clicked “Forgot Password” and entered in my email address, but never received an email. Where did it go?

It probably got sent to the SPAM folder. If it did, the link should still work to reset your password. To avoid future issues, please add to your contact list and make sure the school’s security has whitelisted our address.

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I purchased the program for myself, but I am not seeing it in my list of products on my Dashboard screen. Where is it?

If you purchased the program for yourself, you will have to assign the program to your account using the “My Product Licenses” tab located on the left hand side of the screen. Using this screen, you can drag your purchased product to your account.

My school purchased the program for me, but it isn’t in my Dashboard. Where is it?

Your school’s Administrator probably has not assigned you your license yet. Check with them to see if this is the case. If they don’t have the licenses either, or if you aren’t sure who the Admin is, contact us so we can look it up.

I was using the program, but then an error screen appeared. What do I need to do to correct this?

An error screen typically appears in one of two scenarios.

1. You accessed the program directly instead of logging in, such as by bookmarking the program page instead of the login screen. After you’ve logged out, clicking the bookmark for the program will not log you in, so our security treats you as being an unlicensed user. To correct this, please use the log in portal each time you wish to access one of your digital products.

2. You were unintentionally logged out of the Digital Library. If you are being logged out, see the next question regarding this issue.

Why am I being logged out of the Lone Star Learning Digital Library while I’m using the program?

There are several possibilities for this issue.

1. A common problem is being logged in to more than 1 session. You cannot be logged in to more than 1 computer or device at a time. Please be sure you always end your session by logging all the way out of your digital dashboard to avoid this situation.

2. Our security system can’t recognize you. The Lone Star Learning Digital Library operates by placing cookies on your computer to detect which user is logged in. Some internet security systems may block our website from placing cookies on your computer causing you to be treated as unlicensed, and thus logging you out. If this happens, please contact your local IT department and have them change the permissions so that the Digital Library can place these cookies on your computer.

3. If you aren’t having a permissions problem, you may be using an outdated browser. Be sure that you have an up-to-date version of your browser of choice (IE 10+, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and that you’ve cleared your cache and cookies.

4. A fourth scenario is unstable internet. Our products are download-free, but they do require a persistent internet connection. If your router or internet service provider are having trouble, you may be logged out of your digital product. If it’s an internet connectivity issue, check with your local IT department and have them investigate the source.

If none of these steps resolve your issue, contact us and we’ll help you get your program back up and running.

Why am I not seeing any options on the left hand side of the screen after I have logged in?

Some older versions of Internet Explorer will not display the website correctly. Upgrading to Internet Explorer 10 or later should fix this problem. Another reason may be your campus security preventing the page from loading completely. In this case, you will need to contact your local IT department and have them whitelist so that the page can load correctly.

If you have any questions not covered here, please contact technical support via email or phone at (806)-281-1424.

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